Web Push: The Missing Marketing Channel

Web Push notifications are here and can easily be integrated into your vBarter Phoenix Exchange Management portal… Web Push is an effective way to instantly reach members in a world of endless distractions. Push messaging is perfect to boost member outreach and increase trade velocity. You want your member’s attention to entice them to spend more trade and less cash, so perhaps it’s time to explore using Web Push notifications, segmentations and automated marketing campaigns based on interest, location or purchasing history.

Despite the growth of mobile, time spent on desktop has still grown 37% since 2011, and that doesn’t include mobile web such as laptops and tablets.According to ComScore, US mobile browser audiences are 2x larger than app audiences across the top 50 mobile websites, and have grown faster than mobile over the past 3 years.

When it comes to in-browser messages, you have to reply on the member actually visiting your website to communicate with them.Web Push overcomes this issue by enabling you to reach members and prospects without them being engaged on your website. You can leverage Web Push notifications on both mobile web browsers as well as desktop browsers, so your message won’t be missed on either device.

Want to learn the basics of web Push notifications, segmentations and campaigns, and how you can enhance transaction velocity and engagement using this powerful new marketing channel? Simply connect with us to learn all about it.



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